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Events: Sky Dive


Skydiving is an amazing and an exhilarating experience: you are attached to a qualified veteran skydiver and you free fall for 7000ft with nothing between you and the ground.

At 7000 ft your parachute opens and you float gently to the ground. It is an unbelievable experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You can take part in this thrilling sport absolutely FREE whilst raising money for the George Coller Memorial Fund!!

  • Jump and training are completed in a day
  • You jump is from 12,000 feet
  • Freefall down to 7,000 feet at 120mph
  • Parachute to the ground – we teach you how to steer on to the drop zone
  • Landing is controlled by your instructor
  • Certificate to prove that you have completed a two mile high tandem skydive
  • There is also the opportunity to have photographs and a video of the jump at an extra charge.

For further information please e-mail us at kimdouglas@georgecoller.co.uk


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